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Gonia Panagia Odigitria monastery

The Gonia Panagia Odigitria monastery is located in the peninsula of Spatha which is built as a castle overlooking the Gulf of Chania. The main church dedicated to Panagia Odigitria consists of a narthex and chapels surrounded by a courtyard.

The Gonia Panagia Odigitria monastery has a great collection of invaluable icons of Meta-Byzantine Age, relics and other religious treasures. Plenty of signs on the walls testify the importance of the monastery. A cannonball in the wall which faces the seaside reminds the Turkish assaults to the monastery. The single-aisled church of Panagia is located at the back of monastery.

The Orthodox Academy of Crete

The Orthodox Academy of Crete is located next to the historical monastery of Gonia, which is a modern Conference Center. The Academy hosts conferences of local, national and international interest.


The ancient Falasarna is located south of Chania, 59km from the city and consists of two large beaches. In the ruined town you can admire the city walls, parts of the wall of the Acropolis, remains of houses, ancient tombs and a stone throne, who believed that it was dedicated to the God of the Sea, Poseidon.


Elafonisi is a tiny island with white sand, separated from the shore by a lagoon no more than a metre deep.

The island is less than 200 metres from the beach and you can easily walk there through the warm, shallow water of the lagoon. On reaching the island you will discover lots of tiny beaches on its south coast.

The sand of Elafonisi is white, but in many places it is pinkish due to the thousands of broken seashells it contains. The limpid, blue-green waters will remind you of an exotic paradise.